How to use Google +1

Howto Use Google +1Google +1 is a recommendation system for websites, search results, ads, pictures, movies, etc. The idea is that enabled item present a +1 button which any google account owner may set on (or off) by a simple click, and therefore mark the item with a personal “stamp of approval”. Google keeps tracks of all individual votes and use them to learn real people like. It looks a lot like the Facebook “I like” button but Google being the most popular authority on the net, it will have a major impact on SEO and website traffic when Google starts evaluating this information to determine search rank positions and tailor results to specific people based on their liking.

Like everything, there are two sides to this story:

For a Webmaster the task is simple but requires the insertion of two pieces of Javascript code from Google: one to show the button inviting people to vote and another in the bottom of the webpage for referring to Google code that makes it all work.

For “voters” it is only a matter of clicking on the Google +1 button while being logged into your Google account. If not logged into your Google account, Google +1 code will invite you to do so on your first vote.

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Why Google+ is a Better Social Network

So Why is Google+ a Better Social Network?

While being very similar to Facebook, Google+ has some advanced features which makes it much more efficient. For example the ability to associate your contacts in groups, called circles, allows for sharing only with a specific group and viewing streams coming from contacts included in a group.

You can attempt to perform this with Facebook friends list and groups but all the functionality is just not there at the moment. Google+ makes it very efficient and easy to associate your contacts with family, friends, people your want to “follow”, or any interest groups you feel like defining. All you have to do is create the circle and drag your contact into them.

Another awesome feature Google+ brings is the Hangout video chat. Up to 10 people at at time can interact through Hangout. One very cool characteristic is that the main image automatically switches to the person speaking, which make it even more dynamic than video chat already is.

When you start a Hangout, it shows up on the feed that is displayed to your contacts. As more contacts join, all are updated to exhibit the number of people participating. The more that number increases, even more contacts are compelled to join in.

The facts that Google is interacting with the majority of people on the Internet every day, thanks to its search engine and the myriad of other services and applications it provides for free, will surely propel Google+ success beyond anything we have seen in the social networking arena up to now.

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What are Google +1 and Google+

Google+ And Google +1Google+/Google+1 Demystified Video course will make it very clear for you what are both Google +1 and Google+ services.

Google +1 is essentially a voting system that links to your Google identity (Google account for gmail, Google Analytics, Adsense, Adwords, etc.). It allows any Google account owner to “vote” favorably for websites, specific web pages, videos, pictures, and even products they like. Google+ database keep record of who voted for what so people can one vote once on an item and even “unvote” when they change their minds. It also uses this information to learn what you like so it can tailor the information it shows you to your liking.

Google+ is an advanced social networking platform very much like Facebook but much more powerful and powered by the mighty Google. It supports multiple profiles, multiple grouping arrangement of your contacts, sharing stuff with specific group members or at large, video conferencing, and more.

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Introduction to Google+/Google+1 Demystified

Learn How to Grow Your Business with Google+ and Google +1

As any well structured video course, the first video of  Google+/Google+1 Demystified Video course  is an introduction presenting you with the topics covered and explaining why and how you should take advantage of this new revolution changing the way the Internet affect our lives and our businesses.

This great course covers the following topics:

  • Google+ and Google+1 are two very different systems
  • Google +1 is a voting system similar to “I like” Facebook button.
  • Google+ is a social network similar to Facebook
  • They are totally independent, they don’t require each other
  • Video 4 shows how to create your Google+ account
  • Circles is for grouping your Google+ contacts 
  • Sparks allows you to highlight and share stuff
  • Hangouts is a feature providing your own “places” for video chatting
  • Mobile enables access and usage from cell phones
  • How Google+ and Google +1 impact SEO
  • What Google+ means for the future of social marketing
  • The best practices in using Google+ and Google +1 

Get Started Now With Google+/Google+1 Demystified Video course

Google+/Google+1 Demystified Video course

Google+ Video CourseThe Google+/Google+1 Demystified Video course is a series of twelve well structured and very informative videos.

Each video is providing valuable information about a important topic:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Google +1
  3. What is Google+
  4. How to use Google +1
  5. How to use Google+
  6. Signing up on Google+
  7. Circles
  8. Sparks
  9. hangouts
  10. Mobile
  11. SEO Implications
  12. Social Marketing Implications

The  Google+/Google+1 Demystified Video course will give you an excellent overview of what these new Google systems are and show you how you can greatly benefit by using them.

Don’t waste a minute and Get Started Now With Google+/Google+1 Demystified Video course at a very silly price but only for a very limited time.


Google Social

Google+The new Google social networking tools, Google+ and Google +1 are already attracting a lot of attention from users and marketers alike.

It’s a take on the exploding  Internet social market and a better way to find out what people want and like. It is going to change the whole SEO landscape.

If you own a website or do business on the Internet, you must learn to use these powerful tools before your competition, or you will be left behind.

Google+ the social network, and Google+1 the integrated voting system. Google+1 is also used independently from Google+ to let people give their appraisal for websites. These two new forces are already considerably rocking up the organic search results and hauling in enormous social-networking traffic!

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